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Performance Snowmobile Clutching Systems

About iBackshift


Starting off when I was 10 years old, my Dad taught me how to change engine speed on my 1972 Olympic 399, using washers and quarters in a “power bloc” clutch. From that point on, I became more occupied with learning clutch tuning.

After spending much time on my own researching how to tune, my big break happened in 96 when invited to tune for an Arctic Cat factory racer. I got to spend time at their factory, field-testing, learning and breaking parts and travelling all over the North American snowscape tuning clutches. The next progression around 2002 when snow cross started to approach its peak, some of my new Cat friends jumped ship. I was invited to clutch tune for a Skidoo X-Team racer on the unreleased first REV race sleds – this was a dream come true. I can’t explain the feeling of excitement to drive one of these sleds nobody’s seen before.